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David MacLellan

David MacLellan

   David MacLellan
   Pacific InterWest Building Consultants, Inc.






 David MacLellan founded Pacific InterWest Building Consultants, Inc., a building services firm that serves the construction and real estate industry in California and many other Western states.  Dave contributed his knowledge and 45 years of experience in the construction industry up until his passing in 2016.  Dave was a veteran home-builder in Northern California. His experience in the building industry extended to all types of housing.

Dave was a graduate engineer, Licensed General Contractor (B), and a Licensed Real Estate Salesperson. He co-authored four important books on the subject of building performance guidelines and home maintenance. His books include The Home Book, The California Building Performance Guidelines for Residential Construction, The National Home Maintenance Manual, and The Handbook of Specifications and Scopes of Work for Trade Contractors. Dave was instrumental in providing industry standards in residential construction that benefits both the builder as well as the homeowner.

He was a Certified Mediator (University of Oregon School of Law), a Partition Referee in the California Superior Courts, and served on the Panel of Arbitrators for the American Arbitration Association. He was past President and Director of the Northern California Homebuilders Association, Eastern Division and served on the CBIA Construction Dispute Resolution Task Force. Dave served as past Chairman and Director of The Building Standards Institute. Dave was a winner of the AIA and Urban Land Institute Award for Architectural Planning, three MAME awards for design excellence, and the William Watson Memorial President’s Award from the HBANC (2002). He was inducted into the California Homebuilding Foundation Hall of Fame in June 2011.


   The Home Book, 2014

   The National Home Maintenance Manual, 2015

   California Building Performance Guidelines for Residential Construction, 2011

   The Handbook of Specifications and Scopes of Work for Trade Contractors, 2005

George E. Wolfson, AIA

George WolfsonGeorge Wolfson is a registered architect in California and New York, Licensed General Contractor (B), Licensed Real Estate Broker, NCARB certificate holder, and co-author of three books on residential construction quality and maintenance.

Mr. Wolfson has over 40 years’ experience in home construction. He has provided expert witness testimony in litigation and/or has served as mediator for over 200 construction-related cases. He holds advanced degrees in architecture with graduate studies in engineering/science, urban studies, real estate, architecture, construction and business management. Construction experience includes over two million square feet of commercial space and 15,000+ housing units. Mr. Wolfson served as VP and CEO for general contracting firms for 15 years. Project experience includes the new town of Reston, VA, the research center for the Pegasus satellite system, the Lower Manhattan Plan, and the Ballet Theater at Lincoln Center, NY. He served as Chief Urban Designer/Planner for the Baltimore Regional Rapid Rail System and the Santa Barbara and Eureka Freeway investigations.

Mr. Wolfson holds a B/BS in Architecture, an MS in Architecture, and pursued graduate studies at Rice Institute and Milan Polytechnic.

Douglas Hansen

Douglas HansenDouglas Hansen is the co-author of The Home Book. He is the principal author of the Code Check series of field guides to building codes, with over 1 million copies in print. Douglas sits on the technical committee for Electrical Systems Maintenance of the National Fire Protection Association. The committee is responsible for NFPA 73 – The Standard for Electrical Inspection of Existing Dwellings. Douglas conducts seminars throughout the country to inspectors, building departments, and electricians on building and electrical codes, construction defects, and inspection techniques. He has authored dozens of magazine articles and books. Douglas holds a general contractor's license and several International Code Council inspection certifications. He also serves as an expert witness in cases involving contractor and inspector standard of care, building codes, construction defects, and disclosure issues.