Code Check 7th Edition

Rating: 5/5
An Illustrated Guide to Building a Safe House


by Douglas Hansen, Redwood Kardon, Paddy Morrissey

Here's a convenient, quick-reference guide to current building, mechanical, electrical and plumbing code. It uses clear language with helpful illustrations and tables, and conforms to the current (2012) edition of the International Residential Code. It is also cross-referenced to the Uniform Plumbing Code, Uniform Mechanical Code and the National Electrical Code. Builders and contractors use this book to avoid callbacks, and inspectors use it as a field guide and “skeleton key” to the complex volumes of code books that apply to residential construction. Significant code changes are tracked through the book and summarized in a special section at the end. With durable, spill-proof laminated pages, its popular flip-chart format is designed to be used on-site for quick reference. Endorsed by the International Code Council.