Green Home Maintenance Supplement

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Companion Guide to The National Home Maintenance Manual


This Green Home Maintenance Supplement is not a “stand alone” document—it is intended to accompany The National Home Maintenance Manual. This supplement, taken together with this book and the operating and maintenance instructions from appliance and other home component manufacturers, and additional information required to be furnished by the Builder, meets the requirements of Section 4.410 of the California Green Building Standards Code (CAL Green).

The following are recommended maintenance tasks that should be performed at your green home in addition to non-green maintenance tasks. This list is based upon components found in many green homes.

The supplement includes information and the recommended maintenance tasks for items such as:

Solar Panels
Solar Hot Water Heaters
Tankless Water Heaters
Water Softeners
HVAC Energy Star Appliances
Low VOC Paints
Water Saving Fixtures
Compact Fluorescent Lights
Bamboo Flooring and Cabinets