The National Home Maintenance Manual

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The Complete Guide to Caring for Your Home



Homeowners Education Association (HEA), is pleased to offer the Sixth Edition of The National Home Maintenance Manual. The National Manual is perfect for builders, homeowners and Homeowner Associations. All information is up to date, accurate and national in scope. The Sixth Edition is still an easy-to-read full color manual that covers all components of homes, condominiums, and other planned communities.

Distributed by HEA, it’s the first book every homeowner should buy, to understand how your home was built and how you should maintain it.  Maintenance is the key to establishing a stress-free lifestyle while keeping your home’s value. Commonly read by the layperson, a glossary of home building terms is included as a tool. The Manual also has a tear-out maintenance calendar with frequency and difficulty levels so the reader can easily keep track of their maintenance tasks.

This is the first book every builder should give new homeowners or Homeowner Associations, in order for them to properly care for their home and to understand their responsibilities of home ownership. By supplying each homeowner with this manual, an additional tool for home care is delivered. Use and distribution of The National Home Maintenance Manual is an easy way for builders to show their compliance with their state's Builders' Right To Repair Laws, with respect to the maintenance section.

From foundations to roofs, every aspect of home maintenance is covered in this manual. Additional resources provided include:

  • Ten most common mistakes made by homeowners
  • Specific homeowner actions that damage a home
  • Maintenance calendar schedule
  • Seasonal maintenance advice
  • Tips for making your home “greener”
  • Glossary of all terms explained in a simple manner


The National Home Maintenance Manual should be an important part of every Homeowners library. It contains practical information, is easy to read and understand, and is comprehensive in its content. All components and aspects of home ownership and home maintenance are covered, from understanding and making the most of your "walkthrough", to when and how to perform essential maintenance tasks.

This book is essential for anyone with a home. It includes guidelines for dozens of tasks for both inside and outside of the home. It can also be used in the building and real estate industry as welcome gifts for new homeowners.

Paperback: 128 pages

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0989489914

ISBN-13: 978-0989489911




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The National Home Maintenance Manual

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