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A Complete Guide to Homeowner and Homebuilder Responsibilities

CD ROM Version



Homeowners Education Association is pleased to distribute a CD ROM version of The Home Book: A Complete Guide to Homeowner and Homebuilder Responsibilities, First National Edition.

Every homeowner wants to protect the investment they've made in their new home. As defects or maintenance issues occur, The Home Book will become a homeowner's main reference for determining how to proceed with every condition of home ownership. With more than 380 residential workmanship guidelines in a single reference, The Home Book accomplishes what no other homeowner book has done. The conditions addressed have historically been issues that result in construction defect litigation between builders and homeowners. Responsibility for each condition is assigned either to the builder for non-performing construction or poor workmanship, or to the homeowner as a maintenance item. The book is intentionally written for the layperson, and clearly outlines the building guidelines that should be met during the construction or remodel of a home.

CD ROM is compatible with PC and MAC computers. Password encrypted for use by only one user. Search function included.

Currently not offering a CD ROM version of the Second National Edition of The Home Book.

ISBN 978-0-9894899-0-4
280 pages
Glossary • Index • References • Maintenance Alerts

Discounts are available to volume purchasers, governmental agencies and non-profit organizations. Quantity discounts are applied to orders of 50 copies or more.

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